Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Threatening Behaviour II

A while ago I posted on an incident at my home. You can read about it here.

The incident, where some character came to my house and effectively threatened me over the intercom, did not bother me for my own sake, but I was concerned that an individual might behave this way towards my fiancee if she was staying at my house and I wasn't there. It is worth noting that not only did the 'man' concerned decline to be named in his original letter to the press, he declined to name himself over the intercom, and indeed effectively ran away.

Now technically, there is little to connect the letter in the press with the incident at my home. The only way that it could be proved if the person actually admitted that it was him.

Now, nobody would be that stupid surely? Au contraire. Helpfully, the fellow concerned wrote another letter to the press condemning me for living behind a high wall with electric gates. I understand that the letter pointed out that I should be aware that 'anyone can get to me'.

The local paper passed the letter to the police, who now intend to charge him with breach of the peace when he next enters the country.

There are times when you really couldn't make things up, and this is one of those times. I'll say again what I said in the paper, everyone is entitled to a view, but when an individual chooses to expound views that are arguably narrow minded or verging on the offensive, then they should not be allowed to voice such views in the paper whilst cowering behind the shield of anonymity.

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