Thursday, 18 February 2010

Threatening Behaviour

A while ago, I blogged on the possibility of the 'Lion of Scotland' sculpture being brought on loan to Arbroath. It currently sits near Holyrood Palace and the Parliament, but has to be moved by the end of April.  You can read the original post and see a 'mock up' of what it would look like here.

The subject went quite quiet for a while, but with time moving on, an Arbroath resident sought to gather support for the move to the town, and spoke to the local paper about it.

In next weeks edition, a letter was printed in response to the story.  Written in Scots, it poured scorn on the idea for various reasons, largely however, because the resident had only been living in Arbroath for 18 months (having moved up from England), and, by implication, was therefore less entitled to an opinion. He then inferred she should take it 'back to her own town'.  The letter went on in the same, rather aggressive vein for some time, before ending with the fact he would be back in Arbroath for a very brief visit and would 'fight his corner with anybody' over the subject.  Manfully, he then signed off as an 'Ex Pat'.

I was somewhat offended by the tone of this letter and wrote back. I pointed out that in my view, Arbroath belonged as much to those who had moved into the area as those of us who were born and bred here. 

I asked how the ex pat would feel if the locals in his adopted home declined to give due weight to his opinions simply because he was not from there.

The fact that he offered to 'fight his corner' over the subject whilst declining to have his name and address published was something that I was particularly critical of.

This was published on Friday, and on Monday, the intercom at my home 'buzzed'.  I answered it, and was met with vague threats etc as he stated "you've been saying things about me to the paper".  More than once he also stated I should watch myself.  He declined to give his name.  It went silent, and I ran to the window and looked out.  There was no one there.  I put my shoes on, and went down the stairs and outside, there was no sign of our 'hero'.

I gave it some thought for a day or two and e-mailed the police on the basis that when the 'visitor' arrived, my fiance had not long left, and I wonder how this fellow might have spoken to her if she was alone in the property. The police were concerned and are now investigating.

I have now found out the name of the anonymous letter writer, and although he definitely is an 'ex pat', he, and his political views remain well known.

I'll be providing updates on this as they occur.



Anonymous said...

Name him !!!

blessthischick said...

A bit creepy did he kno where u live?

Jim said...

Anonymous, I'm sure you appreciate the irony in demanding I name him whilst you decline to identify yourself.......

Jim said...

Hi Chick,

Unlike our hero, I had my name and adress published at the end of my letter.


The Aberdonian said...

I have not seen the letter, what exactly is the bahm's (if I may use this word) objection to the sculpture (apart from the fact that a campaigner for it coming to Arbroath is a "white settler" - which itself is daft)?

Maybe the person is not too aware about the signifance of the Lion as a Scottish national symbol and Arbroath's links with the king that made it so.

I am guessing this person justifies their actions by believing they are Scottish patriot, when actually the ignorance and perversity of that term through their actions says more about them.

Tactical Edge said...

Hmmmmm....there are 'alternative' uses for a Kettlebell you know Jim;o)

Jim said...

Hi Aberdonian,

He just doesn't like it at all, and felt it should be thrown in a skip.

I wouldn't mind if he justified his opinion with reasoned criticism, but it was just a rant.

The whole thing is utterly bizarre!