Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Sturgeon Statement

I'm not going to go into the nuts and bolts of the Nicola Sturgeon's statement.

Suffice to say it was a strong, confident performance that struck the right tone.  Arguably, she bested Iain Gray, though some contend it was a close run thing.  Perhaps the person coming off the worst in this is now Alex Salmond after his almost absurdly vocal defence of her just a couple of weeks before.

I never thought this was a resigning issue, but it did underline the apparent emnity between Labour and the SNP.

Back to the drawing board for Labour I think, but we may see more scalp hunting in the not too distant future.

The knee jerk 'resign/apologise' mantra really isn't kidding anyone anymore.

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Fox In Detox said...

It never does. Well, that's not true... sometimes it does, especially if you live in the mid-west. ;o)