Thursday, 11 February 2010

Represent or not?

The Deputy First Minister has got herself into a bit of bother after writing to a Sheriff claiming that a fraudster (who had already served time for stealing almost £60k) had made a 'mistake'in defrauding the taxpayer (you and me that is) of £80k. She asked him to 'consider alternatives to a custodial sentence'.

You can read the Scotsman report on it here.

Labour MP Tom Harris has given his view of the case here, and the opposition parties are going to town on it in general.

Ms Sturgeon declined to appear on Newsnight last night, but did send Shona Robison as a sacrifical lamb representative for the SNP. It was a frankly dreadful performance which you can watch in glorious Technicolor here.

Inevitably, judgements have been called into question, and links (somewhat bizarely) have been made with 'lunchgate'.

So what will happen? Apart from the fact that it highlights once again the SNP's almost pathalogical aversion to jailing criminals, nothing at all. It's an incident that allows epic scale political posturing, but in reality it's a 'five day wonder' that won't even last that long.

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