Monday, 8 February 2010


TNS-BRMB Poll released today: (amended to include the Lib Dems, thank to Jeff)

Holyrood Constituency:

SNP 35 (-5)
Lab 37 (+5)
Con 13 (=)
LD 12 (+1)
Others 3 (-2)

Holyrood Regional

SNP 30 (-7)
Lab 37 (+8)
Con 12 (=)
LD 12 (=)
Green 5 (+1)
Others 3 (-3)

Figures in brackets are from the last TNS-BRMB in October 2009


Anonymous said...

so no improvement from the Tories whatsoever? What the hell is the Tory group and party as a whole doing to change this - nothing.

Jeff said...

Have you missed out the Lib Dems in the regional section or are they lumped in with the 3% others? It could be either way I suppose...

Hope your chin is up after the silly 'Downfall' story in the press Jim. Sounds like a harmless, satirical bit of fun to me.

Jim said...

Thanks Jeff, I have e-mailed you about this.



1st Lady said...

The 'downfall' story, well, that clip has been doctored so many times. One of the funniest parodies has to be the 'Edinburgh Trams Fiasco', I wish someone could create one about Edinburgh potholes, I'm going through fixodent like nobodys business...

Must have been a slow day for news. Chin up.

James Mackenzie said...

Agreed. If making a Downfall clip was a sackable offence there'd be a lot of empty chairs around here.