Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Re-arranging the Titanic Deckchairs..........

In a somewhat dramatic knee jerk reaction to the letter from Hoon and Hewitt (Hoon of course will always be remembered for sending troops to war without adequate, or even appropriate equipment), Labourlist has called for a show of unity.

I can't help but think that when it gets to that stage in politics, then you really are in the brown stuff (did you see what I did there).

There's some classic stuff in the text:

"We must not resort to negative attacks on the basis of class war" (bit late for that is it not)

"It means that Labour must be willing to accept not everything it has done in government has been perfect" (Ya think???)

"we don’t doubt that the next four months will be difficult"
(No shit Sherlock)

"We are dismayed" (Just like the rest of us then.....)

"focus on bringing about a better future for the people of Britain." (just how many terms will it take to undo the damage you have visited on the UK)

Some commentators feel that this will blow over soon enough, though even if it does, I suspect it will cause residual damage to Labour's prospects at the next election.

The next few days will be interesting I think.

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Anonymous said...

The Sunday Papers are going to be full of this.

That's been three coup attempts in the last two years, unprecedented.

The election is over before it began.

Is anyone surprised that brown's insincerity and diffusiveness over the national deficit was going to trigger anything other than today's excitement.

The age of spin is over, tell it how it is

Jim Murphy needs to explain why his name has been mentioned alongside Douglas Alexander and whether he feels that his position as Secretary of State is at all still tenable.