Tuesday, 12 January 2010

E-mail from a constituent

I sometimes get e-mails from people commenting on current affairs either locally or nationally.

With the senders permission, I have published one I received last night:


Had to laugh. Just saw something on the news saying that the government is going to hand out something like 170,000 FREE laptop computers & broadband packages to 'low income families'.

I don't mean to sound cynical, but couldn't possibly be a desperate attempt to win the 'chav vote' at the up-coming general election could it, hehehe?

I don't think they've really thought this through:

1/ I spoke to one of the BT Broadband engineers today, he said the local exchange can barely cope with the demand for broadband in Arbroath, & it grinds to a halt during really busy times. Shouldn't someone suggest to the powers that be that they should sort out the internet infrastructure first? In the UK about the fastest internet we have is about 20 meg, in Seoul South Korea the government invested in broadband internet early on, & everyone has FREE broadband delivering something like 40,000 meg download speeds. For the equivolent of around £10 a month you get 100,000 meg download speeds! At Brechin Road we get 4 meg on a good day.

2/ Most of the 'low income families' already have cheap laptops, x-boxes, playstations, psp's, etc etc etc!

3/ I don't want the fekin money I paid in taxes to buy Charlie McChav a bloody laptop & free broadband!!!!!

So the next time you're in parliament, please walk up to someone from Labour, punch them REALLY hard in the face & tell them that it was from me, hehe:o)

Take care


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