Wednesday, 2 December 2009

And so it continues.......

It has been a turbulent couple of weeks on the blogosphere with the demise of two SNP blogs. Throw in the fact that online comments have been banned on any article by a well known journalist, and now some cybernat commentators have suggested that the Education Secretary was sacked because a conspiracy by non snp councils have colluded to sacrifice the education of young people, in order to show the Scottish Government in a bad light.

Today, Lord Foulkes made comments which resulted in this press release from the SNP:



The SNP are challenging Iain Gray to order George Foulkes to apologise after comparing Scotland’s First Minister to “Il Duce” – otherwise known as Mussolini.

Lord Foulkes made the tasteless remark in a meeting of the Parliament’s Audit Committee discussing the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games saying: "And I take it Il Duce - I mean the First Minister - will be going."

SNP MSP Linda Fabiani, who has been honoured by the Italian Government for her work promoting Italy overseas, condemned Lord Foulkes’ remark and called for an apology.
Ms Fabiani said:

“Lord Foulkes may be a figure of fun who regularly embarrasses the Labour Party, but he has overstepped the line with this very silly and tasteless remark.

“As someone of Italian origin, I am appalled that a member of Scotland’s Parliament thinks that is an acceptable way to behave.

“Lord Foulkes owes the First Minister, the Committee and the Parliament an apology.
" And if he won’t apologise, Iain Gray must order him to. These remarks are a disgrace.
"Lord Foulkes has long been the SNP's best recruiting sergeant, as people turn away from the kind of Labour Party and negative politics he represents. No wonder the SNP are ahead in the polls for both Westminster and Holyrood.”

Inadvertantly, it would seem, one SNP staffer circulated the above to all MSP's staff with this addition:

Talking about Il Duce, it reminds me - The No Berlusconi Day is taking place on Saturday at 1pm outside the Italian Consulate, Melville Street. The event is being held in over 50 cities across the globe and hundreds across Italy.

If you're up for a good protest, Italian style, then come along - no Italian origins required! (just dont wear a black shirt).


I sent my apologies, stating that despite having Italian relatives myself, I was unable to attend........

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