Sunday, 11 October 2009

Tracey Emin to leave the UK

So, 'Britart' exponent Tracey Emin is threatening to leave the UK because of the tax regime. She tells us that France is far better in the way it treats artists.

She has previously come up with some 'masterpieces' including this one:

Yup, what looks like an average bedroom, is in fact a piece of 'art'. I often wonder just how much of 'the emperors new clothes' comes into play when modern artists make it big these days.

Personally, I think her 'work' is utter crap. So good riddance then, and don't forget to take that rubbish tent thing you did either.


Martha Midden said...

Oh no, I will now have no excuse for my tip of a bedroom....will I really have to clean it up ?

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

She's an internationalst stooge who was "made" and offered her place at the trough to gorge from the public purse.

London and NY are their nurseries, she has no allegiance to anything as transient as "Britain".

Jim said...

Don't tidy it up Martha, it will lose all its all its value if you do! :-)