Saturday, 24 October 2009

Political Correctness

I'm back at university doing post grad work in housing studies in what is euphamistically called my spare time. I'm quite enjoying it and picking up a lot of useful stuff.

The year started with a 'residential week', which in reality could have been compressed into a couple of days. We were assigned into small groups, there's only two men in my group and we're both called Jim. Ironically, the other Jim is an active member of the Scottish Socialist Party, so politically we are at opposite ends of the spectrum, but get along very well.

The rest of the group, to differentiate between us when we are all online, decided to call the other Jim 'Trot Boy' and to call me 'Tory Boy'. This worked rather well, and ensured no-one mistook me for being the kind of fellow who is against evictions and indulges in 'direct action' action against supermarkets etc (I'm not sure what 'direct action' is in reality, but Trot Boy spoke highly of it as a past-time.

In week six I got a call at home from the university. Some academic had been reviewing our posts and felt it was not appropriate for me to be called Tory Boy. I pointed out that I was in no way offended, actually found it quite amusing, and the two nicknames worked well.

The 'Thought Police' were having none of it and said it 'blurred lines'. I really don't know what that means, and didn't ask as it sounded like some 'right on' social worker crap that I wouldn't understand anyway.

Was there really any need for this intervention? I'd say no. Our group gets on really well, and we have some good and constructive arguments. I'm 42 years old, been called far worse than 'Tory Boy' and don't really need the protection of some well meaning, lentil eating clown I've never met.

If I'd been offended, I'd have said so. I wasn't, and neither was Trot Boy, so why the fuss? It really is a complete load of guff and having this type of PC garbage forced on us is a joke.


BenefitScroungingScum said...

Great post! This kind of political correctness is causing our society so many problems, which pretty much everyone apart from those enforcing the political correctness can see from a mile off.
Glad you're doing well though Jim, BG x

Jim said...

Hi BG, thanks for stopping by. Glad I'm not alone in being cynical about the PC brigade.

Hope you're well.


Fox In Detox said...

Too many people get too tangled up in "politically correct". If it doesn't bother you, and isn't hurting anyone else involved... I say shut yer yap.

PS...I'm eating lentils. I make mine with onions and chicken stock. ;o)

1st Lady said...

42? But you dont look a minute over 60.