Tuesday, 24 March 2009

How Local Govt Communicates

I got a rather cryptic phone call the other night. It was from someone asking about a Socialist rally in Arbroath, and did I know any of the details about it.
Somewhat perplexed as to why someone would phone a Tory councillor about a Socialist rally, I politely asked who was calling.
It turned out that it was a 'PR Consultant' for the council who had been asked to call me for details.
Clearly sensing my bemusement, she explained that she had been asked to call me about it in case it was going to conflict with another event around the same date.
"Why would you expect me to know the details of that" I asked. Turns out that a member of the council staff had read about the rally on my blog and had phoned the consultant to get her to phone me and ask about it.
"Why didn't she just phone me herself?" I asked
"She's busy" replied the consultant.
So how did I know about the rally? The council wrote and told me about it..........


Fox In Detox said...

Ok, you caught me. It was a prank call... I was just trying to keep you on your toes ;o)

Jim said...

curses, foiled again ;-)