Sunday, 22 March 2009

Crap Week

I have had a couple of e-mails commenting that I haven't:

a) done enough blogging

b) not enough personal posts

c) asking if I had split with up with Girlfriend (no is the answer to that)

Guilty as charged to the first two though.

I've had a crap week or so. I took girlfriend out to dinner the other weekend. We went to a very small restaurant that we don't often go to, largely because its not the cheapest place to eat out, and you have to book well in advance to get a table as its a popular place. We'd both been looking forward to it as it's a treat to go there.

All was going well until a large group came in at the back of 8pm. No problem there, but they had with them a toddler. Still no real problem, but the kid started a high pitched screetching from the moment it sat down (I'm not being offensive saying 'it' I just don't know the gender. For the sake of typing we'll assume it was male and call it Damien).
Damien's screeching continued, only pausing long enough to draw breath. The parents, having made little effort to quieten their little darling, helpfully gave him a noisy electronic toy to play with, thereby doubling the cacophony. After a while they decided a full fat fizzy drink might help. Strangely, twenty minutes later, this made the situation worse. Considerably worse.

Having put up with this for some time we asked the waitress if we could move. The couple at the next table asked to do the same. There was no place else to go, so the four of us ended up eating in the reception area.
Later, Grandma decided it would be easier to get Damien (still screeching) ready for bed in the toilet, which took around half an hour. It was after 10pm when they left. What do you do in these situations? I can empathise with the restauranteur in that there was perhaps little she could do (notwithstanding the fact that by law, Damien should have been out by 9pm). On the other hand, the situation pretty much spoiled the night for us and the couple who were up on holiday.
Earlier this week, a fellow angrily threatened to "take a hammer" to me in a rather interesting incident which I won't go into at the moment as the police are now involved and I understand the fellow has been arrested. In what proved to be a fairly protracted event, I was fortunate that someone was there to witness the second half of it. Strange how calm you can be when faced with that level of violence. Not to worry, we'll see what happens.
I have also come into something of a disagreement with the 'Cooncil'. Sadly, I can't go into detail about that at the moment either, but I may well do in a week or so. Sometimes, trying to work within the constraints of local government is enough to drive you up the wall (or beat your head off it). When I was elected, I thought perhaps the council would be run in a similar, but considerably smaller scale fashion to the Scottish Parliament. It's not. Oh how it's not. Not even close. And to say I'm not happy at a current situation is an understatement.
With various other minor mishaps added to that, it hasn't been a great few days and my back injury seems to have returned. Not sure if this is because I increased the weight of the kettlebell I use by nine pounds and reduced the rest period between sets from one minute to thirty seconds, but it's a dull, constant pain that is making me irritable. Well, more irritable.
I decided to take a walk out the cliffs by Arbroath this morning. It's a walk I do once every few weeks. I took my camera this time so here's a few photo's.
The cliffs are made of sandstone, which has a beautiful red colour. Over millenia, layers of sand were compressed to form stone. It's very porous and crumbles quite easily. You can see the effect here:

The elements have also carved the stone into some fantastic shapes. This one is known locally as the Deil's Heid (Devils Head):

Or this arch:

There's also the remains of an ancient fort out there. On old maps it's referred to as Maiden Fort. This is taken from the inside:

The outside has a defensive ditch:

Here's a couple more from the rest of the walk:

If you like the look of these, it's a great place to take a walk, and the path is well maintained too.


Candid camera said...

The couple in the restaurant were not of italian/ greek exctraction, were they?
i think I may have met 'damien'!, although he was a she, if I remember correctly!!!!!!

Do you have a new camera by the way as the pictures look really good...looks like a fuji to me !

Jim said...

No they seemed to hail from a bit closer than that!

It is a new camera, I got it for my birthday and I'm pleased with the results I'm getting with it.

PS you're showing your age calling yourself Candid Camera! ;-)

Fox In Detox said...

Oh right, go ahead and blame the Italians...jeez :o)

...I think the restaurant would do well to grant you all some sort of compensation for ruining your maybe a gift certificate for another meal on the house?

Great photos! Thanks for sharing. Also want to hear more about this violent incident. Realize you can't say now, but when you away.

Jim said...

Hey Fox,

Don't worry about that comment, it's an 'in' joke :)

Hope all is good with you.