Thursday, 26 February 2009

Peace and Love Among Parly Staff

Despite the 'yah boo sucks to you' image that is shown on TV, the Parliament can be quite an affable and good natured place to work.

Today, MSP Dr Bill Wilson's Office Manager circulated the humorously well written e-mail below, which I thought (with Eric's permission) I would share:

Dear Researchers (of all parties and none)

Stefan Buettner (Chris Harvie's researcher) is off to Germany today, having accidentally purchased a Lothian bus pass for the day (only used once, excellent running order, full service history :-) ).

He no longer needs this and, as a gesture of international and cross-party friendship (not forgetting the independents), has asked me to advertise its availability. I am holding it in M5.09.

First come, first served. Please pass the favour on in some way. Perhaps it could snowball and we could end up saving the world! Peace, love and pronoia all round. ("Pronoia" is your word for the day.)

Warm regards


Saving the world might be a tad ambitious of course, and one G. Brown has already taken the credit for that anyway, but it was a very nice gesture.

It transpired shortly afterwards that the only spanner in the works was the fact that it is against Lothian Buses policy to allow a day pass to be given to someone else. But in the grand scheme of things, as Eric later said, the pass may have gone to someone who does not usually avail themselves of Lothian Buses services, and they may well be so impressed by the experience that they might become regular users.

If you (like me) had never encountered the word 'pronoia' before, then I would direct you to Eric's very interesting blog which you can find here.

Right, after all that, I'm off to Forfar now for my Cooncil Committee meeting, which may or may not be quite so equitable.

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