Saturday, 14 February 2009

25 Random Facts

Fox in Detox tagged me to post up 25 random facts about myself. Quite a lot of bloggers have been tagged with this and there's some good ones out there. Here goes:

1) The first vehicle I was licensed to drive on the road was a 60 ton Chieftan tank. I found it difficult to learn how to drive a car after this.

2) I was a guard on the Berlin Wall for a time. Three of us got into some bother for climbing it and sitting on top for a photo at the Brandenburg Gate.

3) After school I used to work in a fish factory every night. I never eat fish.

4) I love pets. My German Shepherd died 10 years ago and I still miss him.

5) I was a marksman in the army, but have not handled a firearm since I left the forces.

6) I played rugby for my school and regiment as a loose head prop. The same position as my Dad played even though he is a lot smaller than me.

7) I love art, but no-one believes me when I tell them this.

8) I enjoy martial arts and hold black belts in kickboxing and karate. I'm a qualified blade arts instructor and former assistant Judo coach. I have broken several toes and fractured most of my ribs down one side doing this.

9) I have a large collection of historical weaponry and armour.

10) I wanted to learn jousting and had not fallen off a horse in a year until I took former fiance. Ten minutes after she arrived I fell off a very large horse. It was a tad sore.

11) I practice archery with an English longbow. It took almost a year of practice before I could draw it properly.

12) My sense of humour is very dry and has got me into trouble several times.

13) I can be very cynical at times. Actually, quite a lot of the time.

14) Japanese history and culture fascinates me.

15) I loathed primary school and did not get on with the teachers. (I could expand on this, but wont)

16) I hate cruelty to animals and sponsor a dog from a national charity.

17) I worked on oil rigs for several years. Hard work but enjoyable.

18) I get bored easily and fidget a lot.

19) I love old films.

20) I rarely watch tv except for documentaries and current affairs type stuff. I hate game/quiz/chat/magazine/car shows.

21) I enjoy reading. I prefer horror and factual stuff

22) I spend most of time working and put in hours every evening and weekend.

23) I never forgive and forget.

24) I'm 42 next month.

25) I love visiting old churches, abbeys and castles. How they were built and how the stones were cut fascinates me.


Maggie said...

Must have been a very quiet Saturday with no distractions for you to come with such a detailed list!

Jim said...

Not really Maggie.

It wasn't particularly well thought out to be honest.

I missed out that I was an extra in a film with Jason Connery.

BenefitScroungingScum said...

Great list, hope everything in your life is going well atm Jim! I never eat chicken-one of my friend's is a trainee vet who's worked on farms for years, his advice is to not eat chicken unless you've raised and killed the bird yourself. Seems like fish is no different ;)

Jim said...

Hi Bendy,

Thanks for your comment. Forgot to comment on your post about the Parliament disabled loo. What you had to say was very incisive!

It's not that the fish factory I worked in wasn't clean or anything, I just can't face eating the things anymore!



Fox In Detox said...

Nice list Jim! You've led quite a fascinating life so far. Thank you for obliging, I really enjoyed it.

Jim said...

You're welcome Fox. I'm an obliging fellow!