Thursday, 22 January 2009

Where's Kenny?

Tommorrow, there is a Public Petitions Committee debate in the Scottish Parliament on knife crime.
The debate has been organised by the committee in response to the petition by John Muir whose son was stabbed to death in 2007. The committee bring together for the first time a wide cross-section of groups and individuals affected by knife crime such as the victims, young people, police, the legal profession, community groups and medical staff.
The organisers stated their desire for the debate to provide a real opportunity for people’s voices to be heard, to create fresh thinking on how to tackle knife culture and map out where we go from here.

The Scottish Parliament media team describe it as a "catalyst for change"
Given the circumstances surrounding this debate, given the importance of the subject matter, and given Kenny MacAskill's many pronouncements on this subject, you'd think the Justice Secretary would actually be there wouldn't you?
You'd be wrong. He's off to Canada for a Burns Supper. Nice to see he has got his priorities right.


Dan Vevers said...

Come now, he's a very busy man, he's got fetishists to criminalise.

Mark Davies said...

I got an invite to the debate, but unfortunately yesterday I came down with that horrendous sickness bug thats doing the rounds in Arbroath on top of a throat & chest infection- so today I have no voice (my wife is getting peace for a change). Were I not in such a mess I'd have been there like a shot.
I don't feel quite so bad about missing it now Jim, hehehe.