Monday, 19 January 2009


Boss and I paid a visit to the Angus SSPCA rescue and rehoming centre on Friday. On one level it was great to see the work that the SSPCA does in rescuing animals from neglect and abuse, but heartbreaking to hear about some of the suffering that animals are put through by their owners.

One owner had a got a friend to hold his dog whilst he shot it thirteen times in the head with an air rifle in a bid to kill it. The dog survived and is back to full health thanks to the SSPCA who are also seeking to have the owner prosecuted for his actions. If found guilty, I hope the judicial system dishes out a sentence that reflects the pain and suffering of the dog, as well as the cost in time and money to the SSPCA who rescued it (though I doubt it to be honest).

I miss having a dog and given the travelling I do, it would be unfair to have one at the moment, but I'll be more likely to give a home to a rescue dog when I do get one.

Boss and I were so impressed with the work of the SSPCA that we gave a £50 donation to assist with their work.

If you're thinking of getting a pet, please think about giving a rescue animal a second chance.


Fox In Detox said...

People go to jail for doing stuff like that over here. Animal cruelty is a horrific crime. That guy, and his friend, should both be thrown in the cells...and every day at noon, the guards should shoot pellets at them with an air rifle just so they can think about what it must have been like for that dog.

Jim said...

They can be sent to jail for it here too Fox. Unfortunately our judicial system and Scottish Government are so pathetic on Justice issues that very few people are jailed for anything.