Monday, 26 January 2009

The SNP Retorts

Following my last post (no, not the bugle variety) on Justice Secretary Mr MacAskill missing the important knife crime summit in the Scottish Parliament, the SNP have hit back claiming that knife crime is not in the portfolio of the Justice Secretary. Apparently it is the brief of Fergus Ewing.

Oh? This is news to me, and indeed to many others. Kenny MacAskill and Fergus Ewing have issued twenty five written answers on knife crime. Of these twenty five, Mr MacAskill has answered seventeen of them. A total of 68%.

Take a look at the Scottish Government's website. You can find two press releases on the subject, both issued by one K MacAskill. During the summer recess, it was Mr MacAskill that was interviewed on TV announcing the bold (and utterly useless measure) of a scheme to licence non domestic knife sellers in a bid to combat knife crime.

So if it's not his brief, why is he doing all the announcements and most of the answers on it?

Supporters of the SNP claim that it was not necessary to have two ministers at the summit, and it is important to promote the Homecoming.

Whilst I appreciate the benefits that the Homecoming could bring, and I very much hope those benefits materialise, I can't help but think it is more important to address the issue of knife crime in Scotland than it is to address the haggis in Canada.

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