Thursday, 29 January 2009

Labour Press Release

It had been mooted that Labour would have been on something of high this morning after defeating the government yesterday.

Judging by the rather badly written press release (below) they issued this morning, that's not the case. Word is that the some senior Labour cooncillors are on the attack about yesterday's performance, and Iain Gray is taking flak for it.

It should be borne in mind that whilst the 'historic concordat' seems to be falling apart at the seams, there are any number of labour cooncillors happy to support it through Cosla, and they were keen to see the budget passed.

Labour in the Scottish Parliament News Release
Immediate Release 29 January 2009 LABOUR: SCRAP TORY LIE LEAFLET NOW

Labour this morning demanded that the Scottish Conservatives immediately cease distributing a leaflet about the Scottish budget vote after it was found to contain seven falsehoods.

The leaflet, distributed this morning at railway stations, claimed that, because of the vote, a catalogue of disaster would now immediately follow, including council tax rising by £350, health budgets being slashed by £650 million and fewer police on the streets.

In fact, none of that will happen and a new, hopefully improved, budget will be considered by MSPs within a fortnight.

Each of the claims made by the Tories is utterly untrue. Labour's Business Manager, Michael McMahon said: "This is despicable and baseless scaremongering with not one iota of truth. The Tories lost the vote yesterday and have egg on their face. "The Tories may have a new 'celebrity' spin-doctor, but Annabel Goldie needs to bring him into line. This type of complete falsehood has no place in a modern politics. Voters want politicians to be straightforward and truthful. "They Tories could not win the argument, and they could not win the vote, so they stoop to blatant lies. What we need is a budget for the people of Scotland not a short-term political fix for the SNP and their Tory lap-dogs. "The fact is that the budget can be fixed in a fortnight, or even sooner if there is political will. There is no reason for any taxes to rise or services to be cut. "This Scottish budget is a serious process and the Scottish Conservative party needs to behave in a grown-up way." ENDS

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