Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Proud of Yourself Mr Welsh?

The Sunday Post reports that my local MSP Andrew Welsh managed to reduce two female civil servants to tears (not on the online edition I'm afraid)after a 30 minute rant during a Scottish Parliament Committee Meeting.

First of all, Mr Welsh is reported to have been upset that he had not received a report on Free Personal Care prior to the meeting. He was obliged to retract this after one of the civil servants pointed out she had hand delivered it to him six days before.

The report continues "Then, as he read the paper, the MSP's fury apparently boiled over as he accused the clerks who had written it of politicising the content."

Lord Foulkes is quoted as saying "he went off on a rant and said it had been polticised. He claimed the clerks hadn't reflected the views of the committee but would not explain what he meant by that."

"The clerks were reduced to tears by the end, one quite badly. I've never seen anything like it and I've been in politics for over 30 years."

The report goes on "Paisley South MSP Hugh Henry asked several people he considered not required there to be there to leave the room when the clerks broke down but stopped short of adjourning the meeting."

In the seven years I have worked at the Scottish Parliament, I have seen a few MSP's go into a bit of a strop. That said, I have never, ever, encountered such pathetic, bullying behaviour such as this.

I have always found Parliamentary clerks to be very non-political and professional, but even if on this occasion, this was not the case, is there any excuse for this kind of Victorian behaviour?

I hope Mr Welsh does the decent thing and makes not only a public apology over this disgraceful episode, but also writes to the two clerks concerned and apologises to them also. If he is not man enough for that, then one of his senior colleagues should 'encourage' him to do so. If not, do they condone this kind of thing?


Stuart Winton said...

Although I've only seem him occasionally on TV, I always got the impression that Mr Welsh is of the 'meek and mild' variety than that portrayed in the article, but of course appearances can be deceiving.

Perhaps he was just having a bad day.

Mark Davies said...

As you know Jim I have zero time for Mr Welsh. I found him petty & bitchy during out little sparring session in the local paper. I'm not surprised at this behaviour one little bit. Here is a man who can't take being wrong, & can't take critisism.

Fox In Detox said...

Sounds to me like an arrogant, desperate, narcissist... embarrassed by his own incompetence... blaming the "help" in order to defray the focus.

I don't understand people like this. He would have gained more respect from his peers by simply saying..."Oh, I see you did provide it. My mistake. Please accept my apology."

Humility is a rare commodity these days.

Anonymous said...

If it was a thirty minute rant, why did the Convener not bring him into line by ruling him out of order?

Or perhaps judging this based on Lord Foulkes' testimony is not exactly getting it from a reliable witness?

Fox In Detox said...

Are you on holiday?

Fox In Detox said...

Are you ok? I'm getting nervous.

1st Lady said...

Oh where, oh where can Jim Millar be..

Oh where, oh where can he beeeee?