Sunday, 30 November 2008


Friday was a holiday at the Scottish Parliament, and Girlfriend was off too, so we have had an enjoyable albeit busy weekend.

A chance conversation on Friday morning with a council colleague led us to the Christmas Market at Hopetoun House, near South Queensferry. Have to say it was pretty good, and there was a fair few people there, though interestingly, not many people buying.

There was quite a selection of stalls, though some of it was prohibitively expensive, and quite a lot of it just wasn't the kind of thing I'd buy anyway.

I did buy a few things though, such as a selection of Italian leather bound notebooks or 'journals' as stocking fillers, and (not for Christmas presents) some honey and jam, and this reindeer skin:

It's currently on my livig room floor, but will later be added to a 12th century costume before the re-enactment event in Arbroath in July.

Following the excellent advice of fellow blogger 1st Lady, we went to Castle Campbell on Saturday and we were pleasantly surprised that it was free for the St Andrews Day weekend.

I wish I'd taken the camera, as the scenery was breathtaking. There were also repairs being carried out to the castle, and the irony of Castle Campbell repaired by a firm of MacDonalds wasn't lost on us.

We followed some of the trails for a couple of hours and then went into a great wee cafe in Dollar for lunch.

As this is my first Christmas in the new place, we went to B&Q and got a bargain on Christmas decorations, as well as looking at greenhouses for Girlfriend's present.

Busy weekend, but a good one. I'll away and do the housework now before the cleaner comes tomorrow........


Fox In Detox said...

You have a stunningly lovely place. I don't know what that thing in the corner is, but I want it. I also want your hard wood floors. I usually like reindeer skin better when it's still on the reindeer, but it looks kind of nice in front of your television too.
Hmmm... might need one of those in front of my fireplace.

Jim said...

Thanks Fox, that's really kind.

The thing in the corner is a stereo cabinet. All the furniture I bought was made from antique reclaimed timber.

The big chair I have in the spare room is made from old fence posts from Thailand!

I know what you mean about the reindeer skin. It was only this morning I realised it was a bit odd buying a reindeer skin at a Christmas Fair!

1st Lady said...

I was going to buy that actual rug but the very red nose put me off it......

Jim said...

make me feel more guilty why don't you ;-)