Friday, 7 November 2008


I couldn't give a better analysis of the election result than Brian Taylor has done.

The subsequent rants of the Cybernats however has taken even me by surprise. Scottish Unionist has some choice examples here. Though you can find many more easily enough.

I appreciate that many recent converts to the Nationalist cause have considerably more balanced views and abhorr the kind of language used by these clowns on newspaper sites, but personally, I think there are more of these visceral type nats on the go than many would feel comfortable admitting. And they are not just the ones whose sole knowledge of Scottish history comes from repeated viewings of Braveheart either. Take the First Minister's former employee Osama Saeed, whose organisation recently benefitted from a substantial cash injection for an 'Islamfest'. In a comment on his blog, Mr Saeed tells us that "Holyrood is full of traitors".

A statement that is honestly quite alarming from someone who has, or had, a close connection to the First Minister of Scotland.

In my own home area, a rather sinister poster campaign has surfaced which has been described as "racist" and "xenophobic" by locals.

Little wonder there is concern among many about the kind of 'free' Scotland we would be living in if Salmond and the SNP get their way.

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