Thursday, 13 November 2008

Forth Road Bridge

In February, I was badly delayed heading up to Arbroath by an overturned lorry on the Forth Road Bridge. I blogged about it here.

Today's Evening News reports that lorry drivers who cross the Forth Road Bridge in high winds that could cause an accident are to receive a dreadful punishment.

What could it be you ask? A substantial fine that reflects the chaos that is caused when they overturn because they ignored the warning signs not to? Imprisonment maybe? Community service perhaps?

Nope. The punishment for driving a high sided vehicle across the Forth Road Bridge when the warning signs state not to do so be named and shamed!

Thats right, break the rules and they will send CCTV footage of you to the local media. Well, I don't know about you, but that's certainly put me off!


Fox In Detox said...

Hmmm...if the wind on that bridge is strong enough to blow a truck over, what does it do to pedestrians? Or do they have a warning sign too.

Not much of a punishment...

Stuart Winton said...

I suspect some of these numpties would use something like this as a badge of honour and thus something that would actually penalise them in some way would be preferable.

After all, so many drivers on the road self-evidently want to flaunt their lawbreaking rather than cover it up, so to that extent they would just laugh something like this off.

Jim said...


good point, I've never seen warnings for pedestrians on the bridge!

Jim said...


I was thinking exactly the same thing to be honest.