Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Norwegian Minister

Interesting article in the Daily Mail today:


Fox In Detox said...

I can't really read the newspaper article... did they actually throw down? Or was that just a figure of speach?

Michael said...

You'll find the Norwegian ambassador's views on this piece in my blog. Shame for you - it completely contradicts the lies printed in the Daily Mail. Remember you shouldn't believe everything you read in the papers!

Jim said...

Hey Fox, it was metaphorical slap, though it would have been quite entertaining otherwise!


Jim said...

Hi Michael,

Thanks for stopping by, and for leaving a comment.

I had meant to post the reply but haven't had time to post anything in a week or more, but your link satisfies that.

There certainly seems to have been some exageration on the part of the Mail, but personally, I suspect the truth lies somewhere in between.

For years now, Norway, Ireland, Iceland etc have been held up as examples of how Scotland could be if it were outwith the UK.

But the devil is in the detail, and when Ireland's Celtic Tiger economy is compared to ours, people seem to forget that this turnaround was brought about by EU money. It would no doubt be years before Scotland gained entry to the EU, and if we were looking for this level of EU investment, then we'd be out of luck as the development cash is being funnelled into the new states that were former Soviet Bloc countries.

Ireland's low taxation is another much touted example, as well as Norways social benefits, but it is naive to suggest that we could have Norways social system funded by an Irish style level of taxation.

It just doesn't add up.