Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Mary, Queen of Scots II

Last week, I posted on a motion by Christine Grahame MSP on her motion to 'repatriate' the body of Mary Queen of Scots. The motion is below, and my post is here.

That the Parliament acknowledges the calls by campaigners to return the remains of Mary Queen of Scots to the country of her birth; recognises that Mary was an iconic historical figure in Scotland and that her return would help educate many Scots, from the north most to the south of Scotland, about this period of our nation’s history; notes the support that campaigners have had from the Catholic Church in Scotland; further notes that Falkland Palace, in which many contemporary chroniclers believed the Scots Queen spent her happiest days, was a place of sanctuary for Mary, and nominates this Fife palace as a possible location where her remains could be interned.

Tonight, after two council meetings, I checked my Parliament e-mails to find that the motion had been circulated again looking for support. Now this is an idea that hardly set the heather on fire, but I decided to check just how may MSP's supported the plan. Well, there was a grand total of er....... one.

I'll actually be interested to see if this develops further, but I suspect this may be the end of it. Personally, I hope so.

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Fox In Detox said...

I'm with you on that. Nothing good has ever come from messing with the dead.