Thursday, 2 October 2008

Alcohol Debate

The debate on raising the age limit for off sales to 21 took place this morning.

Good contribution by Murdo Fraser who seemed quite animated and presented a well constructed argument, as did members from other parties.

I have of course made comment on these proposals and was mildly criticised on another blog for raising the point of the Justice Secretary's own brush with the law which was allegedly fuelled by alcohol (ironically, he wasn't aged between 18-21 when this happened).

And yet when Mr MacAskill stood up to defend the SNP's plans, what did we get from him? Margaret Thatcher 'Milk Snatcher' and it was the Tories fault for not building any prisons. The latter point made by a Cabinet Secretary who is determined to let prisoners out early. A policy that is already having disastrous consequences for some.

It was almost inevitable that Mr MacAskill would make reference to the pilot schemes in Armadale etc, and it was absolutely inevitable that everyone else would highlight the experts, including a senior police officer and health statistician who had so competently blown holes through the SNP's spin on the results.

The Justice Secretary's performance on this, whilst robust, was less about competently defending the SNP's position, and more about finger pointing at everyone else. This was the SNP at national level resorting to the type that I have long seen at local level.

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Anonymous said...

Up the age limit to 30 !!
Then there will be more booze left for me !!
Make drinking in the streets legal - infact make it compulsary !
Happy Hours and B.O.G.O.Fs should be the law too !!
Liquid Lunches for all !!