Tuesday, 9 September 2008

New Event For 2009

I am putting together a big historical event for 2009. I have pasted the press release below. If any of you fancies getting dressed up as a Roman/Viking/Knight etc then feel free to get in touch!

Major New Event for 2009

Arbroath Heritage, the group that previously organised Medieval Fairs, two Viking Raids on the town and also produced a play on the history of Arbroath Abbey have announced a proposal for a major new event for 2009.

Arbroath Heritage Chairman, Cllr Jim Millar said “We are planning a one day, re enactment event that will cover many different historical periods that reflect Arbroath’s rich heritage.”

Mr Millar continued “Previously, we have largely focused on one historical period at a time such as medieval or Viking. Next year we plan to expand the programme to cover a much greater time period, and have already booked a Napoleonic group and we are in discussions with several others covering Roman, Dark Age, Viking and Medieval.”

The plans are at an early stage, but so far include a fish and farmers market, an action packed programme of living history and combat demonstrations during the day near the harbour, followed by a procession up the High Street to Arbroath Abbey where a play on the history of the abbey, first performed some years ago, but now specially extended will take place in the abbey itself. As the torchlit procession and Viking Longship burning have proved so popular in the past, it is hoped to add this as a grand finale.

Mr Millar continued “The date we have selected is the 4th July so that it extends the programme of summer events which draw people into the town such as the Seafront Spectacular and Seafest. Next year is the ‘Year of the Homecoming’ and we hope that people travelling to Scotland for that will be tempted to come to Arbroath and learn about the fantastic history of our town.”

Quick to lend his support to the plan is fellow Arbroath Councillor David Fairweather. Mr Fairweather said “This proposal is an excellent idea and one that I am delighted to be involved in. I know from speaking to people, how popular the Viking boat burning was at Seafest and the comprehensive programme we are putting together will have something for everyone.”

“I am also involved in the Seafront Spectacular and Seafest and these kind of events give a huge boost to the town during the summer months and I am confident that this one will be a very welcome addition to an already impressive calendar. We also hope that the event will boost the campaign to Secure World Heritage Site Status from the United Nations which continues to attract considerable support.”

Concluding, Mr Millar said “As well as having top quality re enactors from throughout the UK, we would also like to make this very much a community event and anyone who would like to get involved in any capacity would be more than welcome to do so.”

The organisers can be contacted by phone on 01241 873763 or by e-mail at cllrmillar@angus.gov.uk A website about the event is planned to go live within the next month.


Fox In Detox said...

I dress up like a Roman Viking Knight every day... Now I know why people keep looking at me funny!

Jim said...

Yeah, me too. Round here nobody gives me a second glance though :-)

Fox In Detox said...

I so need to live in Scotland. People in the U.S. just don't get the Viking thing.

Jim said...

You should come over for a visit whilst the event is on. We could have a bizzare medieval bloggers meet up!

Fox In Detox said...

Well, I certainly have enough time to plan for it...and if I'm not in Copan , digging up some cool stuff at that time...then I'm there! Horned helmet and all!

Jim said...

Great stuff, all set for the most bizzare bloggers meet up ever then!

1st Lady said...

Count me in!! Last person I dressed up as was Lucille Ball (and I have to say, I do look a little like her with the right eyelashes and lipstick), dont think she'll fit into this historical event though, but I'm willing to wear a different outfit.

Jim said...

Excellent 1stL, should be great fun!


Anonymous said...

I think 1st Lady would be an excellent viking monarch, she has the breeding for it. I'm prepared to contribute as a viking monarch too, with my Scottish royal ancestry and viking heritage.

Jim said...

Hi GK,

Thanks for stopping by. You'd be more than welcome to join in!


Calum Cashley said...

Tavish Scott, Tavish Scott, riding through the glen ...

Louisa said...

I may show up to next year's bash (provided Red Pepper Events have taekn on board the feedback from this year's Seafest), but I can't speak for the rest of Regia. Myself, I want to row a 'thenti boat again, hurl myself over the prow, and set fire to things!

Jim said...


Did you mean to comment under the Leadership post?

The next line to that should be "with his ever dwindling band of men......."

Jim said...


This event will not be part of Seafest and there is a group of experienced re-enactors organising it, and it will be solely a re-enactment event.

Red Pepper Events will not be involved at all!

Not sure about the thenti boat, but burning things is definitely on the agenda!


Louisa said...

Smashing! I'll let the rest of Regia know that there will be people to hit and things to burn.

We like fire. A lot.