Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Hospital Car Park Charges

Good news for hospital patients and their families with the announcement that the Scottish Government is to abolish car parking charges at NHS hospitals across Scotland.

People have been campaigning against these charges for years, and no wonder.

Car parking fees quickly mount up when you visit a friend or family member in hospital. I noticed this myself when my Mum was kept in hospital for a while after her fall and my sister, Dad and I would take it in turns to go through the day and in the evening so that she wasn't on her own for long.

The hospital was a 40 mile round trip, and the car parking fees were a kick in the teeth given that individually we sometimes went twice a day and public transport wasn't really an option under the circumstances. It must be so much worse when its the family breadwinner in hospital and the family finances are already badly affected.

This is a good decision that will be welcomed by patients and their families across Scotland.


BenefitScroungingScum said...

Good news! Let's hope it happens soon in England...though I won't hold my breath, BG

Fox In Detox said...

Wish they would do that here. Costs start at $10 for two hours, then another $2.50 per half hour at some of the hospitals in Boston. Crazy!