Monday, 1 September 2008

The Arbroath Cave House

This well appointed 'house' has been found in a cave at Arbroath cliffs.

Like all good stories, it's shrouded in mystery!


BenefitScroungingScum said...

Am I missing something or is that like any other teenage drinking den?

Fox In Detox said...


Jim said...

Hey BG,

We have a few drinking dens round here, but this one is halfway up a cliff, quite far from the town and can only be reached at low tide.

You have to use a rope ladder to get into it and it is very well hidden. The door was even painted to match the surrounding rocks, and it was fitted with a porthole.

The fittings are apparently very high standard. Its remote location and the lengths people have gone to conceal it and make it comfortable make a little bit out of the ordinary.

It has caused a fair amount of interest locally, but then it is a quiet time for the press!


Jim said...


It does seem a bit spooky and maybe reminiscent of the old days when smugglers used these caves and cliffs.


Fox In Detox said...

I think it's totally cool. I love stumbling on things like this. Are there any paintings in that cave? Like Lascaux?

Sorry you have to work. I'm heading over to "Improbable Bostonian's" for a cookout.

Jim said...

No cave paintings I'm afraid, though the interior is partially painted white with a red stripe along it.

Shame it was found in a way!

I. Kea said...

So, someone has found your new 'pad'. Realise now how it was so difficult to get your new sofa in the door!