Sunday, 21 September 2008

2009 Event

We are getting a lot of interest in the multi period living history event that we are planning for next year.

We have a few groups on board now and we are in discussions with several more.

The latest group to join us is the Antonine Guard (pictured above). This is an excellent group that has done a lot TV work and are much in demand. I first saw them in the Scottish Parliament a few years ago. It was strange to walk into the canteen and see Roman soldiers having their lunch.

With the Antonine Guard taking part, this means that the historical span of the event now stretches from the Roman period through to the Napoleonic era which should make for a great day.

The chap that produced the play on the history of Arbroath Abbey, which was actually performed in the abbey ruins has agreed to so again, which is brilliant news.

Perhaps the hardest part of this though is getting someone to build a Viking longship to burn later on at night. Its not just the building of it that is difficult, it also has to be stored until the big event, but we'll work round that.

All in all, the event is really taking shape, so if you are at a loose end on the 4th July next year, you'll be more than welcome to come along.


Fox In Detox said...

I am going to have to make every effort to attend this soiree. It sounds like a blast. I'll wear a kilt, and maybe some viking horns! We can perform feats of awesome that telephone pole toss that you guys seem to like so much.

I'm going to start saving now. Maybe if I sell a kidney or something.

Jim said...

Hey Fox, the best bit about your idea of wearing viking horns and a kilt is that no-one would know you were a tourist ;-)

Seriously though, I hope you can make it.