Monday, 25 August 2008


Sometimes I just cringe at some of the stuff generated in the Scottish Parliament. Today's wee gem is a press release issued by the Labour Party. It seems gaffe prone Lord Foulkes has tabled a motion in Parliament wishing Sir Sean Connery a happy birthday. Lord Foulkes describes Sir Sean as "Scotland's most famous former milkman".

Restricting the competitive field of greatness to the country's former milkmen is a tad restrictive in my view, and the motion will seem a tad daft to many given Sir Sean's long standing support of the SNP. The motion itself is hardly helped by the frankly bizarre and rambling press release that accompanied it.

You can see the horror unfold below...................


Labour’s George Foulkes has today tabled a motion in parliament
to wish Sir Sean Connery ‘all the best’ as he celebrates his
78th birthday.

Lord Foulkes said:

"Sir Sean is Scotland's most famous former milkman and a true
British cinema legend.

"His achievements are an inspiration to us all and I salute him
as both the best ever James Bond and a great Scot who helped
campaign for devolution.

"Now is a time to put aside our differences - such as his
support for the Old Firm - and celebrate his contribution to
our cultural life.

"But any time Sir Sean visits from the Bahamas there is a seat
waiting for him at Tynecastle alongside his fellow Jambo Alex Salmond.

"I am sure the SNP leader will want to join us in wishing Sir
Sean a happy birthday.

“We welcome the role he played in supporting devolution.
Although the James Bond star does not make a home here in
Scotland anymore, I’m sure he will appreciate what this
parliament has done for his fellow countrymen and women over
the past decade.”


Scottish Tory Boy and I were actually wondering if the above was a spoof, but it seems genuine given that the motion has now been circulated round Parliament:

Short Title: Happy Birthday, Sir Sean Connery
S3M-02430 George Foulkes (Lothians) (Lab): That the Parliament
wishes Sir Sean Connery well on his 78th birthday; recognises his contribution in the 1997 referendum campaign, which resulted in this proud Parliament's ability to deliver for the people of Scotland, and, above all else, celebrates his ongoing lifelong contribution to the British film industry.


Fox In Detox said...

TOo bad poor Sean won't be able to sit in that seat, what with all the lip shaped bruises that have suddenly appeared on his 78 year old ass.

Jim said...

Fox, you post up the best comments ever :)

1st Lady said...

I see from looking online at current motions there's gala days, newspaper anniversaries, death of golfer anniversaries etc etc, but a 78th for Sean??!! Maybe when he is 100.

I did note that George (and he supports a lot of motions) was not listed as a 'S3M-1978 Playboy protest' supporter......

Fox In Detox said...

It's a gift. ;o)