Friday, 22 August 2008


It's been a very busy week again. Monday was group meeting, Tuesday Civic Licensing and Licensing Board training, Wednesday we had Licensing Board and last night was Neighbourhood Services Committee.

We had a long agenda last night, but the tone of the meeting was very positive and good humoured. Long may it last.

We got good press coverage for the Viking Raid, although one letter in the local press was not so complimentary. Why is it when someone writes to the papers criticising someone or something they always do so from behind the shield of anonymity? People have a right to their opinion of course, and I view criticism as a constructive thing, but I wish people would have the courage of their convictions and identify themselves when they do so.

The rain has been horrendous here with loads of flooding which has disrupted a lot of public transport. Hard to believe it's August.


Fox In Detox said...

Some people just like to stir the hornets nest, without risking being stung. They're called hypocrites. My guess is that your critic is an inadequate human being who takes pleasure in putting down the accomplishments of others.

Jim said...

Thanks Fox, I note the critic didn't put themselves forward to join all the other hard working volunteers that give their time for free to make the event happen!

We'll be working hard to make it better again next year.

Louisa said...

There's always one, it seems. I suppose it's easy to be critical when you've had no part in the organisation and running of an event, and even easier when you can do it anonymously. Perhaps they'd care to join us on the battlefield next year, and tell us hitty-fighty types what we're doing wrong as well?

Jim said...

Hey Louisa,

Very true. I have to say the thought of that is pretty amusing.