Wednesday, 27 August 2008

It Gets Worse..................

So, Lord Foulkes, having churned out a painfully sycophantic press release on the most appalling motion of recent times (you can read the press release in the earlier post below), you would think that no-one would touch it with a bargepole. You (and me) would be wrong.

This is the original motion:

S3M-02430 George Foulkes (Lothians) (Lab): That the Parliament wishes Sir Sean Connery well on his 78th birthday;
recognises his contribution in the 1997 referendum campaign, which resulted in this proud Parliament's ability to deliver
for the people of Scotland, and, above all else, celebrates his ongoing lifelong contribution to the British film industry.

But step forward SNP MSP Alasdair Allan, an individual I recall less than fondly after he was my English tutor at University.

Just to make the whole thing go from the sublime to the ridiculous, Mr Allan has added this powerful and well thought out amendment to it:

S3M-02430.1 Alasdair Allan (Western Isles) (SNP): As an amendment to motion S3M-02430 in the name of George Foulkes (Happy Birthday, Sir Sean Connery),
after “the people of Scotland,” insert “and hopes he will play an equally positive role in the next referendum, on Scottish independence,”.

Great. Welcome to the mature politics of the new Scotland.


BenefitScroungingScum said...

What can I say? You gotta love the ever increasing lengths politicians go to to spend our money!

1st Lady said...

Is that a photo from a Playboy fundraiser?

Jim said...

BG, don't vote it just encourages them.


Jim said...

1st L,

If it was I think it would be a uniquely British version of a Playboy fund raiser :)


Fox In Detox said...

Nice! Kiss his ass, then slap him with just a hint of a stipulation! I'm sure Sir Connery will be so overwhelmed with gratitude that he'll never set foot in Parliament again.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, ....the picture, it reminds me of a simelar picture. Former politician with some women.....three strikes and your out!

Jim said...

Anonymous, I recall a certain person winning a prize with that particular caption.

I also recall only too clearly the full horror of the original story being reported in the News of the World.

Wasn't there a very unfortunate member of staff inadvertantly caught up in that particular fiasco?