Monday, 18 August 2008


The Seafest in Arbroath was a fun event which attracted thousands of people. It was great to see the two Viking longships in the harbour too. Thousands more turned out for the boat burning at night which looked great.

My culinary experiment went down surprisingly well (on the basis I didn't set fire to the house or poison girlfriend). I made pasta with Chorizo in a tomato sauce. Emboldened by this I have bought a huge steak and will replicate the sauce again tonight.

I have added a couple of new blogs to the blogroll. The first is the site of my martial arts instructor Mr Mark Davies on his anti knife programme. I have also been reading Tom Harris MP's (Labour) blog for a while now and find it an excellent read, sticking with Labour, I'm also adding Kezia Dugdales blog. I have seen Kez around Parliament a few times, but have never had the chance to say hello.

Crap Holyrood Chat is also a good one (I'm a contributer to that one, but I haven't actually added anything to it yet) and Scottish Unionist seems to be making an impact with his relatively new blog.


Anonymous said...

Much obliged!

1st Lady said...

I'm going to try and get to this seafest next year, sounds like such a fun event. Well done with the cooking (I dont cook either unless there's oven instructions).

Jim said...

1st L, you'd be more than welcome. If the longships are back I'll save you an oar :)