Friday, 18 July 2008

Right, I'm Off

This is my last afternoon at work before I head over to the West Coast for a weeks holiday. I shall be taking Boss' Wife's advice and switching my Blackberry off.

Girlfriend has packed my walking boots, so I'm guessing there will be numerous hills I'll be getting dragged up (although I'm going nowhere if its pouring rain).

Pretty much all the furniture has been delivered to my flat, except a desk and chair for the spare room and two bedside cabinets for the bedroom.

The Viking Raid is coming on well and we will have a fair few re-enactors there. We have someone making the torches for the procession and boat burning at night, which is everyone's favourite bit.

The Glasgow East by election continues to be an interesting contest. I have stayed away from any predictions up till now, but my instinct suggests a Labour hold with a vastly reduced majority. One thing that this election has highlighted is the amount of poverty that still exists in some places in Scotland today. Perhaps politicians of all political hues will take more notice of this and strive harder to eradicate it. Personally, I'd like to see more work in alleviating theses problems before we become too fixated and distracted on whether or not to stay as part of the UK.

From later this month, it will be illegal to drink in the town centre streets of Arbroath. I very much welcome this move given the volume of complaints I get about drink fuelled anti social behaviour. It's a national problem of course, but we have to use whatever options available to us locally to combat it. Even mid morning outside the local court, the accused and their chums are seen drinking 'super lagers' and strong cheap ciders before their cases are heard, and it can't continue.

Right, that's me for a week, I'll look forward to catching up with everything when I get back.

P.S. Hi Craig, say hello to Joanna for me


Fox In Detox said...

Hope you have a blast on "holiday"... Climb many mountains, drink many bottles of wine...relax long and hard... and definitely turn off that blackberry!


Jim said...

Thanks Fox, I'm looking forward to it.