Wednesday, 9 July 2008

The By Election

Well, David Davis' resignation and forced by election seems to have utterly underwhelmed the media. Personally, I'm glad this is the case as I was always a tad cynical about it.

Instead the media spotlight has fallen on Glasgow as Labour and the SNP fight it out there (the tories aren't coming out of this one too badly either and it was good to see David Cameron making an appearance).

I was fairly stunned however to watch the First Minister telling the assmebled media that the electorate want a "full time MP". Clearly a dig at Ms Curran who would have a dual mandate in both the Scottish Parliament and the Westminster one if she was elected.

I was stunned at the rank hypocrisy of a man who is not only an MP, but an MSP as well as being the First Minister of Scotland. Even the SNP friendly media have found this one a bit hard to swallow, and I have always thought it somewhat demeaning to the role of First Minister that Mr Salmond continues to have a seat in Westminster at the same time.

Meanwhile, that most splendid blogger Mr Eugenides has written an excellent post on an event in 2006 which saw the SNP's Glasgow candidate stating that a Scottish school was flying too many English flags during the World Cup.

The news article is pasted below, but do pop over to Mr Eugenides blog for his take on it.

A Scottish school was condemned today for flying too many England flags in a World Cup display.

Hillhead High in Glasgow was "unwise" to use a large majority of England flags in a corridor decoration, according to senior Scottish National Party councillor John Mason.

The SNP's group leader on Glasgow City Council spoke out after receiving a complaint from a pupil at the school who was apparently upset at the "excessive" number of St George crosses.

Mr Mason took the step of writing to the headteacher, arguing he should balance up the display and also accusing him of making a political statement.

The councillor said: "I received a complaint from someone at the school who had objected to the number of England flags.

"From what I understand it was almost exclusively England, and I think it was ill advised to attach the World Cup to England in that way.

"The headteacher tried to draw a comparison with St Andrew's Day and Chinese New Year.

"But the World Cup is an international event and I would expect the school to dig out 32 flags."

Mr Mason said he considered the matter a serious issue.

He said: "I feel that's making a political statement.

"I would have thought the school should be taking a neutral view.

"I think it was very unwise of the school."

Hillhead High's headteacher Drew Cunningham was unavailable for comment.

On the school's website it was described as having a "distinct international flavour" with over 30 other nationalities represented.

"The school is pleased with the good relationships among the various groups," the website adds.

Glasgow City Council said all competing nations flags had been up at the school, with "one or two" England flags as they were easier to obtain.

A spokesman said: "The school regularly celebrates multi-cultural events.

"Flags from all the nations taking part in the World Cup were represented and it was displayed with the best of intentions.

"An emergency motion was approved today by the council condemning all forms of bigotry, hatred and racism, and calling on Glaswegians to end any anti-English hatred."

Mr Mason's comments come after a series of incidents that have highlighted anti-English sentiment north of the border.

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The Aberdonian said...

Anglophobia is not the total domain of the nationalists. You will find Anglophobia within the ranks of all the Scottish parties - even the Tories.

I recieved my political education myfrom Tory grandmother (whose best friend was English) and she practiced "patronising Anglophobia" - you know "the English are not clever and actually a bit ignorant as a people" sort of thing. A sort of Sunday Post Toryism I suppose.