Tuesday, 8 July 2008


Apologies for my absence, which went on longer than I anticipated. I won't go into detail, but following on from the last post (no, not the bugle variety), my Mum had an operation in Italy, and took a severe reaction to the drugs they gave her. The hospital only seemed to have a couple of staff on at night and it was left to my 69 year old Dad to sit with her all night for several nights. He then injured his back and I had to pay to fly my sister to Italy to help out.

They are all still there and trying to sort everything out has been a total nightmare, although social services have been great. Hopefully they will all fly back tomorrow night, but my mum will have to go straight to hospital when they get here and it looks like she will be off her feet for up to three months.

I'm really grateful to everyone who has asked how she is.

On other fronts, I have spent so much money on furniture for my new flat that it has made my eyes water. The blinds are getting fitted tomorrow, and other stuff I have bought is getting delivered on Friday, along with a big plasma screen tv.

I bought this furniture which looks really nice in the flat. With my typical lack of common sense for domestic matters though, I had taken girlfriends advice and measured the room before picking the furniture. What I didn't do was measure the bloody doorframes and the setee wouldn't go in, so the doors had to come off, and even then it was a tight squeeze.

I'm away on holiday from the 18th, but I should have fully moved in by the end of the month and will start planning the housewarming party when I get back.

Apart from that it has been the usual busy time with work and council stuff. The last full council meeting before recess was just a pathetic joke. Starting at 4pm, it didn't end until around 9:30pm, by which time the debate (if you can call it that) had deteriorated significantly. I wish I could be bothered to relate just how bad it was, but in truth, its not worth it. I only wish more people would go along and see it for themselves.


BenefitScroungingScum said...

Sorry to hear about your mum, but it's good she'll be home soon.
Like the sofas! BG

Jim said...

Hi BG,

I'll be glad to get them all back into the country again!

The furniture is uber comfy I have to say. Well worth the pain and heartache of getting into the place :-)

Bill said...

So sorry to hear about your mother's and indeed your father's, too. I hope the journey back will be smooth and the follow-on treatment successful.

Your new furniture looks really nice - and I'm sure the plasma TV will be put to good use when you're relaxing on it.

Enjoy your own vacation when it comes :)

Fox In Detox said...

I feel so bad for your parents. That totally sucks. I hope they both feel better soon. Nothing worse than being incapacitated in the hot summer. I hope they'll be somewhere that has an air conditioner.

Congrats on your new furniture. It looks very manly. James Bond probably has furniture just like that.

Jim said...

Hi Bill,

Thanks for stopping by and your kind words.

The sofa is exceptionally comfortable and I can't wait to get moved in.


Jim said...

Hey Fox,

They should be back late tonight, though my Mum is being transferred straight to hospital.

No need for air conditioning here I can promise you. It's positively cool.

Glad you like the furniture, the wooden stuff I got to go with it will look quite nice when its all in place I think.


boswes wife on her hols! said...

bit late in the day to be commenting here but here goes......nice sofa...any chance of a kip on it? or have you got the inflatable bed organised?

Jim said...

Hello Boss' Wife, how's Europe?

I doubt there would be enough room for you and boss to sleep on the sofa, but I'll have something fixed up in the spare room by August!