Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Womens Self Defence Workshop

I'm going to be co-teaching a one day women's self defence workshop with my instructor at some time over the Summer at the Martial Arts Studio in Arbroath.

It will be basic stuff and will provide a good introduction to self defence in a safe environment.

I'll post up the date and time when we have it finalised if anyone would care to come along.

Interestingly, the best black eye I have ever seen on someone was given to a martial arts instructor friend of mine by a novice woman student doing a very similar course........


Surreptitious Evil said...

I broke a rib while using myself as a practise dummy for a lass who was too scared to hip throw (having been grabbed from behind) her friend.

I was concentrating on how the rest of the class were doing when it suddenly clicked for her and I was flying through the air and landed badly. Not pleasant.

Anonymous said...

Would we have to wear Jim-Jams Jim?

Jim said...


I loved hip throws, they were type of throws I was most comfortable with when I did Judo. I actually wish I'd kept up Judo, but at that time there was little interest in adult classes.


Jim said...


No ninja Jim-Jams at this stage, just loose comfy clothing.

1st Lady said...

Surely it'll take longer than the day to teach all the men how to protect themselves from womenly wiles?

Jim said...

1st L,

Even with a life time devoted to the study of it, I doubt any man could formulate a suitable defence to that! :-)