Monday, 9 June 2008

No Confidence

The Convener of Education faced a motion of no confidence from the SNP at the last Education Committee. I could perhaps see the point in this but for the fact he is a teacher himself and is extremely dedicated to education.

This follows more reports to the Standards Commissioner by the SNP about two of my fellow administration colleagues. Bear in mind that each time the SNP have reported Alliance councillors to the Standards Commission, the complaints have all failed to stand up.

But back to the motion of no confidence. After the motion was defeated, my colleague responded with the statement below, which I wholeheartedly agree with.

"Now we have that motion out of the way it is more than appropriate that I say something. I thank the committee for it’s support but more over I am absolutely disgusted with the behaviour of the opposition. I am mighty fed up of my colleagues being gratuitously reported to the Standards Commission, opposition members trying to talk meetings out of time, that previously took minutes or at worse an hour or so. Opposition members demanding meals before some committees. I only wish the public came more often to see the childish antics of the SNP. I have been around council long enough to tell you I know what’s going on, and I can tell you 68% of Angus, all those voted you out are going on, I am going on and the Alliance is going on. Now for goodness sake get on with the job of being proper committee members not 100% sour grape obstructionists."


Fox In Detox said...

Here, here! Your colleague sounds like a very intelligent man. I hate sniveling...the world has enough problems.

(ps..I am in advertising :o)

Jim said...

He is.

PPS I know, I read your profile :-)