Monday, 5 May 2008

Steven Seagal Advert

For some reason, a national newspaper reported as part of a story that I'm a fan of Steven Seagal (must have been a quiet newsday).

So, for entertainment purposes,here is an advert he did a while ago.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious Jim! Hadn't seen it before...great stuff. I noticed in your bio that you're a black belt in Karate. I made it as far as brown then stopped 10 years ago. Goju Ryu style. Still practice my Katas on occassion. What is the style of Karate you've trained in?

Jim said...

Hi JD,

I'm a student of Shotokan which remains the only style available in my area. My master is Shihan Ronnie Watt 8th Dan. I started training under him when I came out of the army in 1988. I was honoured when he presented me with the Scottish Samurai award for my promotion of Scottish culture and the fighting arts a couple of years ago with the Consul General of Japan and the Vice Consul (which incidentally is how I met my girlfriend as she was the PA to the Consul General).

I took part in a Gojo Ryu seminar a while ago with a Japanese master and I found it be an excellent and powerful style. I especially found the breathing techniques to be very useful too.

Have you never thought of going back?



1st Lady said...

I've never seen that before either! Very good!