Sunday, 4 May 2008

More Vikings/Stuff

I got an e-mail last night from some more re-enactors that would like to take part in the Viking Raid on Arbroath. This is excellent news as the more that take part the better it will be. This particular group are well known for their authenticity.

They had taken part last time and one of the reasons they wanted to come back was because my Mum had fed them hot sausage rolls when they arrived at the camp around 2:00am!

Girlfriend (who, it would appear has finally found my blog) is going to take part, so I'll have to buy her a decent costume, whcih won't be cheap.

My blog got a mention by an SNP MSP during a Scottish Parliament debate last week. I'd suggest if an MSP has to trawl my blog and use any of my opinions in a Parliamentary debate, then they must surely have lost the argument before it began!

I'd been hoping to have my new flat in Arbroath by now, but the water still isn't connected up. It's frustrating as its a new build property and it looks great.

Monday is a holiday, but there I have licensing board on Tuesday morning and another committee meeting in the afternoon, with group meeting at night. The rest of the week will be spent between Arbroath and Edinburgh. I have really noticed the increased fuel costs recently. £50 worth of petrol doesn't even fill the tank up these days and that's not good news given that I'm making the return journey from Arbroath to Edinburgh sometimes three times a week.

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