Wednesday, 14 May 2008


Girlfriend has booked us a holiday. I can't remember where it is (though I know its in Scotland somewhere), nor when it is, but the holiday is booked. As my new flat will hopefully have water soon, and shortly thereafter a 'certificate of habitation' issued from (I think) Angus Council, though if the number of complaints I have received from householders and property developers about the length of time it is currently taking to process stuff like this, then I'll not hold my breath. I'm trying to save money for new furniture, so I'm not keen to splurge out too much money on holidays.

There is a great wee shop in Arbroath called Huckleberry's that sells really nice imported furniture made from reclaimed timber that has quite a rustic look to it. Even the computer desks look pretty ancient, so I think that will be my first port of call when the time comes.

I got a call the other night from a friend I hadn't seen in ages. He has a similar sort of background to me, we are both ex forces and oil industry, though he still works offshore.

The first time I took girlfriend to Arbroath, I had bumped in to him and his brother who took great delight in recounting tales of past exploits which opened her eyes a bit. He now lives in Brazil with his new girlfriend, but had brought her over to see Scotland first the time. She really liked it, but was freezing cold, even though we thought it was roasting. It was good to meet her and catch up, and they have invited girlfriend and I over for a holiday, an offer which girlfriend seems keen to take up.

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