Friday, 16 May 2008

Full Council etc

We had full council last night (when we had a 'special meeting of the full council' recently, girlfriend thought it sounded very Lord of the Rings). There was some good humour last night, as well as some of the usual petty stuff that is the most irritating.

Clearly its not a phenomena just in Angus. I was reading the blog of an SNP counillor whose thoughts on some council meetings eerily echoed my own.

Girlfriend is away hill walking with the ski club this weekend, and its my Mum's 70th birthday on Sunday, so I'll stay in Arbroath rather than heading for Edinburgh.

I also popped into the martial arts studio today to see my instructor and booked myself onto this course, which I'm really looking forward to. Unfortunately, I missed the recent seminar on Bowie knives, but I'd covered some of that in a knife instructors course I did a couple of years ago.

The Viking Raid continues to gather pace and the whole event is starting to look more cohesive. We are in discussions with the harbour master about getting the public onto the longships and letting them have a sail in one. Though obviously they will have to row it themselves if there is no wind!

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Anonymous said...

Plenty of hot air from the cooncil though !!