Tuesday, 13 May 2008


I had a busy weekend, but yesterday took the biscuit. I got into the office on time and got some work done, but had to leave at 11 to get to my first council meeting at 12. From there, I literally went from one meeting to another all day until I finally got home at 9.30.

I'm heading to Edinburgh tonight after work so I'll be in Parliament first thing tomorrow.

Full Council meeting is on Thursday and I'm not really looking forward to it if it is going to a protracted, spiteful affair.

The weather is great, though I haven't had a chance to enjoy it really. I really miss having a dog at this time of year. I used to love walking my German Shepherd along Lunan Bay, especially on a Sunday morning. It's unlikely I'll have another pet for a while given the amount of time I'm spending in different locations, which is a shame.

Girlfriend is back from a week in Cyprus and is amazed that I managed to get to her house often enough to keep her plants alive. I'm just amazed they are still alive at all.

I have Seafest committee meeting this afternoon, so we can monitor progress. The Viking part of it really is shaping up nicely and one of the lifeboat crew has suggested that it would be great photo to have the lifeboat pictured at sea with the two longships, so we will see if we can pull that together.

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