Monday, 7 April 2008

Weekend/Tartan Day

I was in Edinburgh for the start of the weekend and Girlfriend took me out for dinner which was really nice.

Sunday morning I drove back to Arbroath for the Tartan Day celebrations. I watched the costumed procession up the High St, then went to the Abbey for the re-enactment, which was quite colourful. Some surreal aspects though with some monks wearing sports socks. After that, the Provost had a reception in the Abbey which was quite frankly poorly attended.

After that I went to the medieval village that had been set up around the corner which was manned by a couple of good quality re-enactment groups who had various demonstrations going on such as chain mail making (a surprisingly therapeutic past-time I have to say)and sword fighting.

The time has come to thoroughly re-examine our Tartan Week activities, refresh them and try and make them more appealling.

It is my young Nephew's seventh birthday today (his name is Arran, but I have always called him Damien after the character in the Omen films), so as an ever thoughtful uncle, I bought him a gift token. Although my sister only has three kids, they seem to have birthday's twice a year. Perhaps it just seems that way as I don't have any kids myself.

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