Wednesday, 16 April 2008


Well, negotiations are continuing to bring the Vikings back to Arbroath, and we have had contact from a group in England who want to come up for the event too.

It will be a lot of hard work, but well worth it. We have had contact from a group in England who would like to come up to take part, as well as a local re-enactment group. We are planning on having living history displays, combat displays as well as allowing members of the public to have a sail in the two longships too.

The climax of course will be the torchlit procession at night followed by the burning of a longship. This bit attracted around 10,000 people last time and was a great success.

I'm going to invest in heavier armour to go over my chain mail and a new helmet as the combat got quite heavy going last time at one point. All in all though, its a great event and I'm really looking forward to it.


The Supplicant said...

This is totally great Jim. I can only imagine participating in such an event. I do hope you'll have lots of images. Would love to see images of you all decked out in your armor.

Anonymous said...

Needing a new helmet eh??
worn the last one out ???

1st Lady said...

If I was in Scotland during August I would certainly try and attend this event. Looks fabulous! Do you have a photo I can use on my rentals website? Id love to add this event to my day trips page.

Jim said...

Thanks JD, I'll certainly post some images after the event. I have a few photo's of me in my different armours I'll post up too.

Jim said...

Anonymous, I hope you are not being rude. This is a blog suitable for family reading. ;-)

Jim said...

1st Lady, that would be very kind if you would put the event on your day trip calender. It is it an image of the longships or boat burning you are looking for?

1st Lady said...

Well I dont know what image really, something that shows the action and participants?

As for Anons comment.. hilarious!