Friday, 11 April 2008

Scammers Again

Received the e-mail below, today from one Philip Gore-Randall. According to the e-mail, Mr Gore-Randall is seeking to import some Asian made products to his target market, but is unable to travel because of his work in London and he lacks certain business strategies.

Well, a couple of things come to my suspicious mind:

First of all, the real Mr Gore-Randall is a bona fide Executive Director of HBOS. I'd be surprised if he was unfamilliar about strategies, despite the banking worlds recent hand in the credit crunch.

Secondly, I doubt 'Mr Gore Randall' would e-mail me using a yahoo e-mail address. More glaringly, I'm surprised that the Executive Director of HBOS has such a poor command of English, as well as his lack of a basic understanding about the situation in the UK as we don't (as yet) have to import/export items between Scotland and England. Perhaps he thought he was e-mailing someone farther afield, however the 'Scottish Parliament' e-mail address should have been a clue.

I could of course go and source some Asian made items for 'Mr Gore-Randall'. I need only nip over to Princess St and bulk buy a load Jimmy Hats, tartan rugs, 'Scottish' dolls, mugs and fridge magnets. But I'm sure these are not the goods he is seeking.

We can laugh at the idiocy of this scammer, but the fact is that if he or she was a bit more sophisticated then more people may fall for this. The fact that there is a daily deluge of stuff like this suggests that enough people do fall for it to make it worthwhile. That means that there are a lot of, undoubtedly vulnerable, individuals who stand to lose a lot of whatever they have because there are others who would take advantage of them.

I'm not sure what level of effort is made to curtail the activities of these scammers, but I hope that whenever they are caught, they are suitably punished.


It's my pleasure to introduce myself to you via this message; I am in need of an export-based business personal who will be able to assist me to import some Asian made products to my target market. Due to the nature of my work in London, I cannot travel with respect to this importation and also I am not familiar with Asian market, thus this is the reason why i am contacting you to seek for your interest in assisting me as my direct partner to help me reach to the main manufactures in your country and purchase this goods and ship to my target market.

I am Mr. Philip Gore, from United Kingdom. I am not into trading business, but either is working with the Civil Department HBOS PLC. in the UK,

But recently I became interested in the importation of some products, as I was made to understand that your country is very good in the production of those products. Hence this is the reason why I have contacted you to seek for your consent to assist me run this transaction. I am not opportune to carry out this business myself because of time factor and also I lack some business strategies especially when it gets to international transactions such as this, but the primary reason is because of the nature of my job here in UK since it will not allow me the time to run this transaction.

Hence at both of our agreement, I will need your services on the following.
1: Products sourcing,
2: Price negotiation with manufacturers,
3: Product purchasing, inspection and 4: Shipments to my destination.

I will forward the modality of this business and also send to you the list and specifications of the goods to be purchased and supplied to me as well as the money to be used for the purchase and shipments once you provide me with the quotations, as we will discuss personal on how much I will settle you as your agency commission.

Best Regards
Philip Gore-Randall


BenefitScroungingScum said...

I'm sure I've seen links to a blog devoted to scamming the scammers. Perhaps you could try that? Now, if I could just remember where I saw it or what it was called! lol BG

Jim said...

There are a couple of good ones. is my favourite. I'm sooooo tempted to respond to one of these, but I'd end up getting duped by some scary fellows.........

Mrs Boss said...

Had something similar this week from was from a student in the nursing profession who had some excellent reports but was wanting help with her tutition'fees' which ammounted to something like £18,000. per year. Unfortunatly, I did not keep the letter, it was filed in my fire, which went part of the way to heating the house one evening it was particulary cold.