Monday, 14 April 2008


Well, talking of scammers, it seems some scamp has made off with £150,000 of Scottish Conservative funds according to the Mail on Sunday. Which is quite a lot when, according to the Mail, the party raises some £350,000 per year.

A source is quoted as saying "The accounting system is not the most robust, which meant no one noticed until it was too late."

Classic. "no-one noticed until it was too late". Why not? How did this happen? Will anyone be held accountable for it other than the (alleged) thief? I should bloody hope so. Stealing this amount of cash makes a pure mockery of fund raising efforts on the ground, only for it be nicked because the accounting system is "not the most robust".

I very much hope the new Party Chairman takes this situation as an opportunity to appraise staff and systems to identify anything else that is not "robust" and deal with it accordingly.


Anonymous said...

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Jim said...

Yup, you get some real classics!