Wednesday, 23 April 2008

I told you so......

After what was a very positive Neighbourhood Services Committee meeting last week, I predicted it wouldn't last. I was right.

Last night's Infrastructure Services Committee was just a joke. It started at 4pm and finished at 8.45pm. The opposition wanted to halt at 7pm to go for a meal as one of them is diabetic (the diabetic had gone over each report line by line and then claimed he had no idea the meeting would last so long). We offered a recess of 20 minutes to allow him to eat something, but he said it had to be a proper meal in a restaurant. On top of that they wanted to stop altogether and come back the next day! We decided to carry on and it went to the vote which we won. Later, they wanted to stop again, but we carried on. Afterwards, I drove to Edinburgh getting there at around 11pm.

The one line that summed the meeting up for me was by an SNP Councillor who stood up and said "Cllr Millar, you are sitting there with your mouth open, do you have a disability?" 'Nuff said really.

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