Saturday, 19 April 2008


We had Neighbourhood Services Committee on Thursday night. Even with a relatively short agenda of only 16 (pretty bland and uncontentious) reports to go through, it still lasted over two hours.

Having said that, it was a positive meeting. The business was conducted with due diligence, but was also peppered with good natured, well crafted, political point scoring.

This was actually what I had thought the council would be like when I was elected, and I'm sorry that not only has it taken a year to get to this stage, but also the fact that the temperament of the meeting may just have been a one off. Given the agenda for the next Neighbourhood Services meeting, I suspect it will be another 'blood up the walls' job.

I also had another meeting about Seafest and we organised a crane to lift the longships in and out of the water. A local boat-builder is going to build us a mock longhsip to burn at night and we are also looking for sponsors to buy the wood for it.


boss wifie said...

compleatly different subject, but 'blood on the walls' reminded me...I can recall you mentioning a boxing match. Has this happened and you have kept quiet about it or is it still on the cards, or has my mind finally gone into melt down and imagined this fect?

Jim said...

Hello boss wifie,

you are correct about the boxing match, but the boxing club pulled out of the fight which was part of a charity night.

Its a shame really as I was looking forward to it.


boss wifie said...

Whew......that was a close shave.

Thought I might have to clear up the blood on the walls