Thursday, 6 March 2008


In common with pretty much everyone else, I get a lot spam and scam e-mails. The parliament filter does a great job in keeping them out of my work account, but some still do manage to get through.

The spammers try and sell cheap watches or fake medicines. The scammers are a different breed altogether though. I have seen some real crackers over the years where some widow/bank employee/govt minister from some far off country has tens of millions of dollars in some hidden bank account and wants to transfer it into a foreign account and split the money.

Clearly, there are people who fall for this type of scam. Unfortunately it is usually vulnerable, perhaps elderly people that are conned in this way. The kind of people who really cant afford to lose what they have.

I was really delighted to find out that there are any number of people across the world who are quite happy to indulge in what is known as "scambaiting". They respond to the e-mails and turn the scam around so that it costs the scammers time and money (hopefully distracting them from picking on someone vulnerable).

The best site I have found that has information about this can be found here. Now I'm not suggesting anyone indulges in scam baiting (scammers can be particularly nasty people), but some of the examples found on the website really are pure class. The videos and hall of shame can be particularly amusing especially the video where a scambaiter persuades a would be scammer that he trains stuntmen and gets the scammer to film himself doing any number of stunts (including being hit in the face by a colleague) and jumping off a roof.

I have no sympathy for anyone who tries to deceive people in the way scammers do and if they are made to look particularly stupid whilst being distracted from trying to rob people, then so much the better.

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HuntereR said...

haha, I've been to that website, utter class, I remember the stuntman one.
I use gmail and I have never had spam enter my inbox, I had to close my yahoo account because I was getting 400 spam a month, a quarter of those entering my inbox.
I also like some of the adverts on webscreen. The other day, I was watching a streaming video online, next to the video it says "this video has been viewed 1072 times" and at the bottom of the page was an advert saying, "congratulations, you are the millionth visitor, click here for your 200,000 dollars".lol